Arsenal CAN win the Premier League, and why Theo Walcott is the key


The Premier League is wide open this season, with Pundits and Managers claiming that any of the ‘top 6’ could go on to win it. This begs the question, can Arsenal actually win the title?

If you ask the two Alan’s over at Match Of The Day, they will tell you (as they reiterate every week) that Arsenal can’t possibly win it. However, I’m going to tell you why I believe that Arsenal CAN win the Premier League title.

The cracks being shown by Arsenal’s title rivals could be an important part of Arsenals title challenge. The team with the best squad in the league, Man City, are displaying worryingly bad away form while at Chelsea, Mourinho doesn’t seem to know his best team (and lacks a striker), whilst also not starting last years Player of the Season, Juan Mata (for reasons I do not understand). Man United are also understandably showing vulnerability after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, as David Moyes struggles to come to terms with his big new job.

But here lies, in my opinion, the key to Arsenals title challenge, the return of Theo Walcott. What Walcott brings to the Arsenal side is huge, with his pace and ability to get in behind defences being vital to push back the opposition, stretching their defence and midfield enabling Arsenal’s midfield maestros such as Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey and Cazorla to work their magic, creating countless chances and opportunities to score from. The combination of Ozil-Walcott is something that particularly excites many Arsenal fans including myself, and how powerful this combination could be was shown earlier in the season against Sunderland before Walcott’s injury, where Ozil played some memorising through balls to Walcott, who on another day could, and probably should of bagged a brace.

Of course, I do understand why football fans are so sceptical of Arsenal’s chances, the squad is relatively small compared to the other top teams, and in recent seasons Arsenals inconsistency has been their most annoying trait. However, this year feels different, especially with this great start, the like of which Arsenal fans haven’t seen in many years, whilst the signing of Mesut Ozil has given the whole club a boost, buying a world class player instead of selling one, as has been the case in recent years!

No-one can tell who will come out on top, which is why I think Arsenal CAN, but not necessarily WILL win the title. What is for sure is that this competition bodes well for a more open and exciting title race that the Premier League has sometimes lacked in previous years.


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