#WENGERIN! Why Arsenal’s FA Cup final win changed my mind


I was convinced I wanted Arsene Wenger out, but yesterday changed my mind.

In the face of hate and abuse (which of course has been disgraceful), Wenger defied the odds and defeated the ‘master tactician’ Antonio Conte.

What a performance it was, all of the players were outstanding. It was undoubtedly the best Arsenal performance I have ever seen.

The make-shift back five were immense and so were the rest in front of them. Beating Chelsea and denying them the double and a dream finish for John Terry made it even sweeter too.

Called me deluded (and yes, I probably am), but I believe Arsene Wenger can take us forward next season.

Yes, it has been much of the same for the past few years, but a massive difference in not achieving a top four finish will hopefully make Wenger realise that he must change.

Quite frankly, this season has been a shambles and I would put a large proportion of the blame on Wenger. It hasn’t been good enough and I’ve been of the opinion that he shouldn’t be offered a new deal.

The problem is… I fell back in ‘love’ with Wenger yesterday. The way we played and the way he celebrated made me believe in him again.

I know what you’re thinking, why on earth would one game change your opinion on this?

Well firstly, the change to three at the back has been proven to be a masterstroke. It’s worked with overwhelming success, only tasting defeat once (but let’s ignore that). After a pre-season working on the new system and adding new players to the side, I think we can compete.

I also genuinely believe Wenger will change his transfer policy. He will buy big this summer. He has to, especially with our rivals likely to splash the cash.

I think a two year contract would be wise. It gives him a chance to have another couple of runs at the Premier League title and I see no reason why we can’t win it (if we can convince Alexis and Ozil to stay).

We have to believe in the new formation – and whoever is in charge when August comes around. The fans have to get behind the team.

Whether Wenger stays or goes, this will be a massive summer for Arsenal. There will be change, but will it be under Wenger’s reign? We will know soon.

Many say there’s no room for sentiment in football, but in my mind, yesterday shows that Arsene Wenger deserves a final chance to prove the doubters wrong.