Christmases Commercial Cold


The reality is that Christmas has become an abomination, a twisted side of its previous self. It has become cursed with a commercial plague, hell bent on fulfilling our materialistic greed. Christmas has caught a cold, and like for the common cold, there appears to be no cure, we can only try to treat its symptoms.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. The plentiful food, the beautiful decorations and the countless presents are all brilliant, but this is where the problem lies, this is where a big part of Christmas has died.

Ironically, the part of Christmas that has died is a birth, as we shouldn’t forget the reason that Christmas even exists: to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The majority of people in our society celebrate Christmas, Christian or not. Atheists celebrate Christmas, which when you consider it, is ridiculous, as we are celebrating the birth of a saviour that we do not even believe in!

However ludicrous this sounds, what is more ridiculous is how the big businesses use Christmas.

Christmas is now a commercial minefield of overspending and special offers. To the big franchises, Christmas is used as a marketing gimmick to attract customers to come and spend their life savings on gifts, that our loved ones don’t even want or need.

They no longer even try to hide it, they show no shame, as their decorations go up in OCTOBER and their Christmas adverts represent no traditions of Christmas whatsoever.These big businesses are building new and greed based ‘traditions’ of Christmas, to con the consumer into overspending, bankrupting innocent families in order to pay for the CEO’s new house in whichever exotic country he fancies.

Christmas has become a holiday in which we do everything in excess, everything we do on this day we do in greed, consuming our food, drinks or gifts, but what we don’t see is as we do so, we also consume the very foundations Christmas was built on.

Christmas is supposed to be centred around the family coming together, spending valuable time in each other’s company that some families only get once a year. However, the harsh reality is that this is no longer the case, families do still come together, but it doesn’t seem to be about the time together anymore, as this commercialised holiday is now even more gifts based than ever.

Unlike the common cold, it doesn’t appear that Christmas’s commercial cold is going away anytime soon. We must treat the symptoms early, before this seemingly innocent cold, turns into an epidemic.